Unlikely Candidate

I am me…you are you…what are the odds?

How could this be? Can this be?

I’m black, you’re white
I’m ebony, you’re ivory
I’m tall, you’re short
I’m an introvert, you’re an extrovert
I’m a good girl, you’re a bad boy
I’m white collar, you’re blue collar
I’m the nerd, you’re the kool kid
I’m guarded, You throw caution to the wind

Like Trump, another unlikely candidate, you speak your mind. Somewhat crass, somewhat crude but always honest. Others think it, you say it.

Maybe that’s the draw…the pull…

It’s refreshing.

I never have to wonder.

We’re so different.

They say opposites attract but let’s be real, how true can that be? We’re like oil and water, right?

So what about my list? You know what list I’m talking about. Mine started off with over twenty items. I was told that was a bit much so I cut it down to ten. But even that’s a lot so a list of three to four became the new ten to twenty. That’s good, right? I think so anyway. Well, why am I re-evaluating “the list”?

Are maturity, experience, and wisdom causing me to re-evaluate? Or something else? I’m at a crossroads here. A mental and emotional crossroads.

God, help!

My dream of high school, college, career, marriage, and kids didn’t quite work out as planned. The latter two keep eluding me. But in this, I’ve come to learn more about me and my purpose. So if my life can take a different and unexpected path, I’m guessing my list can too. But how do I hold true to my deepest desires while still being open to Gods? After all, didn’t God place these in me? Or was it society? Church? Religion? If we can be honest, most of us do or don’t do things based on what others will think. No one wants to be the odd man or woman out. We all want to fit in, be normal and not stand out too much. We never take the time to find out what is it that we really want…what God wants for us. It’s a scary journey, can put you in a lonely, isolated place. Have you saying “No” more than you say “Yes”.

But this will prove to be worth it.

“Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling” Philippians 2:12 NIV

Now back to my list. Well, it’s still a work in progress as am I, and my journey.

I ultimately want what God wants. No matter what that looks like. No matter what others may think, feel or understand. No matter how unlikely the candidate.

Be Bold, Be you, Be Blessed!

~Forever Trina

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Candidate

  1. Yassss!! “I ultimately want what God wants.” That’s a lot Trina! God wants us to have plenty and to never be deprived. What we have to understand is the timing aspect of it all. Now that part is quite mysterious…but we have to continue to walk in FAITH and not with our eyes.
    As you said, “back to the list…” the journey continues – in Jesus Name!

    1. Girrrl…the timing of it all! Definitely requires patience. But if I’m gonna trust Him, I have to trust Him in everything. The journey continues….:-)

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