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How often have you dimmed your light as to not blind others? How often have you sat at the back of the class when you knew you were capable of being at the front. How often have you allowed someone to belittle your dreams, your talents, your blessings? How often have you apologized for being…Great! Well, no more! 

I can attest to living a mundane, no-frills and thrills life. I settled for mediocre and chose to live life on other people’s terms. A life filled with man-made boundaries and a limited view of what and who God created me to be. I chose to please people and only rose to the occasion of human expectations. But at what expense? 

God meant so much more for our lives. And it’s time we claim it…come out of hiding. Speak up and make the declaration that you will no longer stand idly by and allow the gifts that God has clearly given you be squandered. Don’t be like the seed scattered on the wayside and never grow roots. 

Find your voice…no longer be silenced by the naysayers, doubts, fears, and insecurities. Greatness is in you, and its dying to come out. It has been lying dormant for quite some time. Now get ready to make an appearance. Steal the show, be in the spotlight. 

To apologize for who God made me to be….all of me? Emotion filled me?  Sometimes impulsive, reactionary me? Why? God knit me together in my mother’s womb, numbers the hairs on my head and I will no longer apologize for the workmanship of His hands. The good and the bad.  It was all designed to be used for His glory. 

So watch out world. Greatness has stepped on the scene. Flashing lights, sirens blazing and an HBCU band leading the way. Greatness is not coming quiet. Been that way for years. Greatness will be making a grand entrance. You can choose to join her or move, get out the way. She is not hosting a no child left behind program. 

This is the last call for alcohol at the club, this is the last zone being called to board a flight, this is the benediction being read at the end of service. 

Lights are on, flight is leaving, Sunday dinner is about to be served. 

Tracks are clear and the train is leaving the station. This is a movement. Join me!

Loving. Living. Growing.

~Forever Trina

2 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. I read this with intensity!! Good post.
    Sometimes, I would say it’s okay to be in observation mode. However, we can never stay there. We must observe, learn and then jump on the bandwagon. It’s always a moving process.

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