Identity – Part 2

In Part 1 of Identity, I started off with the lyrics to Nina Simone’s song, Blackbird. A pretty depressing song but filled with so much insight into Nina’s identity and the allegory of her world at the time. There are so many themes represented and I’m ready to dive back in and see what more we can learn about self-identity. So here we go…

The “right” or “Christianese” answer to where we should find our identity is in The One…the one who knew you before you were even born. Who took the time to form your innermost being, shaping your delicate insides and intricate outsides, making you mysteriously complex (Psalm 139:13-18, TPT). Ensuring everything you have, you need, and what you don’t have, you don’t need. God knows every detail about you…the pretty and not so pretty and still loves you. God is like the poster child for finding identity.

But why then do we still tend to look to other people to validate what has already been validated. Or identify with what has already been identified and love what has already been loved. God calls us to look higher but instead, we continue to look lower. In that quest to find something…feel something… anything, we tend to look everywhere but up. Sex, relationships, career have been heavy hitters in my life. It took facing fears, embracing weaknesses, addressing the issue behind the issue to finally begin walking in true freedom and self-identity…God-identity.

Life has a way of bringing you to your knees. So after exhausting all your resources, look up. God is often found in the messiness of life, but with that…identity and freedom.

Loving. Living. Growing.

~ Forever Trina

2 thoughts on “Identity – Part 2

  1. Good read! We have to look up and continue looking up no matter what obstacle, occurrence or Chapter in our life. Even outside of our comfort zones, and in the deepest pits, we have to amplify our faith. God is so deserving, and to him I give all the praise.
    #AnImperfectChristianese 🙏🏾

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