Why did I do that???


Well, when you get stuck, you get stupid.

You date guys you normally wouldn’t
You entertain nonsense you never thought you would
You accept jobs that don’t align with where you’re going
You compromise on a whole other level
You get desperate
You get thirsty
You want change, so…
You get stupid

Now what?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer but I know who does
However, that will require you to consistently seek Him
…and consistency hasn’t really been my thing in this season.

So what now?

I honor where I am now versus condemning it.  
I walk in self-discovery instead of self-pity.
I sit in the grace of God and the strength outside of myself.

It’s normal to get stagnant when we get stuck but you gotta keep moving.
Yes, you may fall, trip, fail but you’re moving
Trust that in the movement, God will guide and direct your steps
In the stumbling there is purpose and you will eventually find your way.
You will learn, you will grow , you will find stable ground again.
In honoring the process, God will honor you, the process and His promises. 

Loving. Living. Growing.

~ Forever Trina

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