New Year, New View!

Happy New Year!

We’re a little over a week into the New Year but I think it’s still acceptable to lead off with this greeting, right? Especially for those you haven’t chatted with since last year…which would be you!

 So again, Happy New Year and I hope it’s off to a great start! As for me, it’s not bad so far. Overall, things are great. But life, of course, wouldn’t be life if the frustrations from 2019 didn’t follow us into 2020. 

Good thing the New Year is all about reinvention. Starting over, starting fresh, second chances…or third or fourth, a clean slate. That’s why you hear a lot of us declaring, New Year, New You! But is it, is it really? 

The reality of the matter is, You the same You! Same attitude, same thought patterns, same frustrations. So how about this year, instead of denouncing the You, you still are, let’s embrace it and declare, New Year, New View! Let’s change the narrative and change our perspective. 

That said, in 2020, I’m declaring 20/20 vision in all areas of my life. My pastor, in his last sermon of the year, stated that a lot of the battles we fought last year, weren’t meant for us.  But me, in all my infinite wisdom, dipped my toe in things, situations and people that weren’t meant for me and then asked God for the strength to fight the battles I created. Extending energy on people and situations that didn’t deserve it and then wondering why I’m so drained. Which, by the way, is the perfect opportunity for the enemy because we’re too tired to focus our view and vision on what has eternal value. So this year is about perspective shifts. Seeing and making decisions with my spirit versus my senses.

Join me! It’s going to be an amazing year.  There will be trials, triumphs and lessons learned. And I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Happy New Year and New View!

Loving. Living. Growing. 

~ Forever Trina

3 thoughts on “New Year, New View!

  1. I love it – New Year, “New View,” a much better approach! It’s all about perspective. Our attitudes and approaches dictate the steps/directions we choose daily. Thanks, Trina Lee

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