The lyrics of a new worship song, “Rattle” have been ringing in my ears all week.

“This is the sound of dry bones rattling
This is the praise make a dead man walk again
Open the grave
I’m coming out
I’m gonna live
Gonna live again
This is the sound of dry bones rattling”

Elevation Worship

This is my new anthem…LIVE!

Sunday was Easter and although it looked a little different this year due to COVID, it wasn’t any less impactful.

I reflected on what the resurrection represents and how it can play out in my life.

But before we go any further, let’s take a step back and define, resurrect.

“Revive the practice, use, or memory of (something); bring new vigor to.”

Oxford Dictionary

And while we’re defining things lets also define, reflect.

“Think deeply or carefully about”

Oxford Dictionary

There are certain days that are on the liturgical calendar, like Christmas and Easter or on the regular calendar, like my birthday, that cause me to “think deeply or carefully about”.  These days cause me to reflect on life, my journey and the future. So on Sunday and really even before Sunday, that’s exactly what I did.

When I reflect on the resurrection, so many words come to mind…

  • Revive…dreams.
  • Restore…hope.
  • Regenerate…mission.
  • Revitalize…life.
  • Breathe new life into…me.
  • Reinvigorate…passions.
  • Renew…thought patterns.
  • Relaunch…business ideas.
  • Renovate…my heart.
  • Awaken…my soul.
  • Wake up…dry bones.
  • Re-establish…relationships
  • Renew…vows.

Resurrection is about gaining a new perspective. Letting go of our expectations and holding our life and our plans loosely to allow God to make and shape them to positively move forward.

That said, what are things that you’re holding onto tightly? Could it be a relationship? Unhealthy thought patterns, what your life “should” look like?

What do you need to loosen your grip on and release so you can openly receive and live your best life. 

Reflect on resurrection, what this means and what needs to be accepted before it can ultimately be released.

This new gained perspective will allow you to walk away stronger, wiser and so much better (thank you, Marvin Sapp). 

Live out the resurrection in your life. 

Loving. Living. Growing.

~ Forever Trina

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