Single and Ready to…

Wait, are you serious right now?

A girlfriend of mine sent me a meme the other day…

“Me: I think I’m ready to date again…

The universe: Oh yeah? 

*releases worldwide virus preventing all human interaction*

Me: Well played”

COVID-19, you’re killin me right now…at least in regards to this.  

So what CAN I do?

Honestly, this kind of reminds of the Netflix serious, “Is Love Blind?”, where men and women date through a wall with the hopes of finding meaningful emotional connections outside of the physical.  Now, I’m gonna be real with you.  It took me a while to watch this.  I thought this was the dumbest thing ever and I thought they were kind of biting off one of my favorite shows, “Married at First Sight”, and  I refused to cheat on my show.  But again, COVID-19 won, I was sucked in and even came out with a couple crush…Lauren and Cameron.  They are so stinkin cute!

Now, I will say that the beginning was still a bit ridiculous.  Guys and girls, crying and saying “I love you” after only a couple of days of “dating” and still haven’t seen each other.  Crazy!  But once I got past those episodes…I was officially cheating on “Married at First Sight”.

I digress.

So how do you date in this season???

Check me out next week for some social-distancing date ideas!

Loving.  Living.  Growing.

~ Forever Trina  

2 thoughts on “Single and Ready to…

  1. Yasssss girl!!! It took me awhile too for the same reasons, minus watching the love at first sight never seen it. Cameron & Lauren made me believers and I’m a huge fan of them and their relationship bc their love is real and authentic!

    1. Yes, Cameron & Lauren, my couple crush! 🥰

      And Married at First Sight, you gotta check it out. It’s a social experiment that puts a new twist on arranged marriages. Couples meet for the first time at the alter. Crazy!

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