Trick or Treat?

” But I ain’t into trickin’,
just to treatin’
And I ain’t into treatin’
every trick that I’m meetin’


I’m such an 80’s baby and I’m also so super random!  These are the lyrics that popped in my head after reading this scripture, 

“[God]…Guide me away from temptation and doing evil. Save me from sinful habits and from keeping company with those who are experts in evil. Help me not to share in their sin in any way!”

Psalm 141:3-5 TPT

Yeah, please don’t ever try to follow my thoughts, you will get lost.  My thoughts are very much like conversations that I have with my girlfriends where we start ‘here’ and end up ‘there’ and how we got ‘here’ or ‘there’…yeah, trying to trace the steps back only leads us further into an abyss. 

But for fun and since we have time, let’s talk about how I ended up here. Can you guess?

Yup, COVID-19…what a surprise.

I mean, doesn’t everything trace back to COVID these days. My default response to any bad decision is, COVID made me do it. Not to mention “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. 

This season of waiting and feeling ‘stuck’ has a funny way of leading you down roads you’ve traveled before and already know where they lead.  But yet and still, we insist on scrolling through our phones and checkin on those old friends.  Why do we do this? Why do we insist on “treatin every trick that I’m meetin”?  

Well, primarily because we’re human and we were created for relationship. So allow yourself some grace when those uncharted waters become chartered again. But also be proactive and surround yourself with those girlfriends who will remind you of how messy and dusty that road is and how you got motion sickness on that boat the last time. 

And if nothing else, remember, He’s fine sis, he don’t need you checkin on him! He got groceries. Prime Fresh delivery out in these streets. They good, we good,  He’s good!

Hahaha…but seriously, let’s support each other in this season.  And you can start by coming back next week to talk about some healthy habits that can be developed while we wait out COVID-19.

Until then, keep…

Loving.  Living.  Growing.

~ Forever Trina

4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?

  1. Lol – the throwback reference to the Wreckx-n-Effect song is so on-point. Yea, we definitely need to surround ourselves with people who naturally want the best for us and CAN TELL US like it really is with no sugar coating. We have to understand that constructive criticism from a truly devoted friend is genuine and comes from a good place.
    We won’t come out of the COVID-19 isolation the same! Loving Living & Growing!!

    1. Thanks lady! Definitely new and unprecedented times that are difficult to navigate alone, but together…with close friends and family who love you to the ends of the world and back…a lot more bearable. We’re all going to grow so much from this. Definitely not coming out the same!

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