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A recent Sunday sermon entitled, “Use your Inside Voice” had me thinking.  But first, have you ever told someone this before? Or have you ever been told this before?  No? Maybe not as an adult but I’m sure at some point in your life these words were uttered from your mouth or directed towards you.  It’s typically something you hear a parent say to a child who mostly speaks at one decibel, which is…loud.  But in this case, it’s referring to OUR inside voice.  The voice that, like a child, often speaks loudly, so loudly that it can become a distraction or even cause us to become stagnant.  It’s a voice that can speak contrary to the Words your Father has spoken over you like, 

  1. You are Valuable
  2. Your are Loved
  3. You are Strong
  4. You are Worthy
  5. You are Chosen

And are often replaced with words like, 

  1. I am not valued
  2. I am unlovable
  3. I am weak
  4. I am worthless
  5. I am forgotten

Why is this?  Why is it that the very opposite set of words tend to ring louder in our heads?  

It’s that inside voice.  Which is loud, and can make it hard to hear anything else, but these are the times when we have to be intentional about hearing that one guiding voice.  

Do you remember the story in the Bible where Jesus asked Peter to come out of the boat and walk on water?  Well, Peter was walking on water, one foot in front of the other…until, yes, until he took his focus and attention off Christ and instead focused it on what was going on around him and then began to sink. 

That’s the same thing that happens to us.  We’re good, walking through life skipping until we hit a roadblock…a divorce…a health diagnosis…a job lost and we take our focus off the one who had been guiding us all along.  We choose to listen to a different voice…this inside voice and inevitably begin to sink.  

I did this for years and if I can be truly honest, still do at times.  

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) years ago.  Ya’ll, this took the wind out of me.  I was starting to train for a triathlon and shortly after…this.  Diagnosed with a debilitating disease that has no cure.  Me? What does this mean? Will I be able to have kids? What man would want me? Hell, forget the man, will I still be able to run…walk?  I had so many questions and very few answers.  I soon allowed my inside voice to take over and eventually fell into a state of depression.  

I forgot whose I was, who I belonged to and who I came from.  Prayerfully, God saw this coming and strategically placed people in my life to help me walk through this journey. 

Just like Jesus caught Peter when he began to sink, he will catch us to.  We just have to call out to Him.  And in the times when you don’t have the strength to utter the words, His grace is sufficient.

Remember that!

So although I don’t know what my future holds, I know His voice and I know who holds my future and therefore will keep…

Loving. Living. Growing.

~Forever Trina

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  1. Love it Trina! Being true to our inner selves is key. Paths aren’t always easy, and you’re right about us needing to consult with God consistently, not just when things are at odds. Keep elevating, Trina Lee.

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