The Miseducation of Me

When we’re young we learn that 1 + 1 = 2. Simple, right? Wrong. At least as it applies to my life in which my mathematical equation has a number of variables and looks more like this….

Society teaches us that following a certain formula in life leads to success.   

High School + College + Career + Marriage + House + Kids = Success

But what if your life didn’t follow that standard of success or what if it did, are you happy?

Attempting to follow this very limiting viewpoint on life left me with student loans and the guilt and shame of not adhering to this standard of success that I allowed society to place on me.     

In fact, through life’s experiences and guidance from God, I learned that I have been gravely misinformed…miseducated, if you will. 

Lauryn Hill’s album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is a declaration of independence. It is a break-up letter to the bullshit routine of dealing with men who can’t stop hurting the women who love them. And it is a love letter to the liberated self, the maternal self, and to God. 

My blog aligns with this declaration of independence in that it too is a break-up letter, but instead, to the self-hate cycle of dealing with the decisions I made that kept hurting the one I should love the most. It is a break-up letter to the miseducation of who I am and who I can and should be. And it is a love letter to the self-aware woman I have grown and am growing into through God and time and before the issues of life convinced me otherwise.

Follow me on my journey as you continue to walk your own.

Loving. Living. Growing.