When I decided to write a blog it was simply because I wanted a voice and wanted to reach a broad audience.  When I started sharing with people my new venture the first question was, “what kind of blog?” I honestly was taken back by this question.  My initial reaction to this question was, what do you mean, “what kind of blog?”, it’s gonna be about me…don’t have a particular topic…should I?

So, after getting this question several times, realizing this was a fair question, I started thinking…so what will it be about?  It won’t be just fashion, finances or fitness.  I am a lover of all these things.  Even if I tried to make it about one particular topic it would end up spilling into other areas.  After all, I am a multidimensional person and my life and experiences display that.  So, after giving it more thought I concluded that the one thing that transcends and truly captures the essence of who I am is God.  He had and has His hand in everything.

That said, to answer the question, this blog will be about sharing a wide range of topics and experiences through the lens of Trina but the viewpoint of God.

My Journey, My Life, My Truth….ForeverTrina…ForeverGod