Love Song

With the month of love or rather the one day in the year set aside to celebrate love behind us, and the season of love about to spring upon us…do you hear the wedding bells? I thought it only fitting to write a blog post about…you guessed it…Love. So what is love? Kirk Franklin startsContinue reading “Love Song”

Do You Understand the Words That are Coming Out of My Mouth?

Ladies, listen to what a man says. Specifically regarding when he says he’s not looking for a relationship or he’s not ready. Even if he’s displaying “relationship type” actions such as texting you “Good Morning” everyday (which is lame by the way…let’s not be so common men…and let’s not be so easily moved ladies), sayingContinue reading “Do You Understand the Words That are Coming Out of My Mouth?”

Blog Bite: Change Management

Have you ever noticed that when people ask, “how are you?” they really don’t mean it or even care or wait around long enough to hear the response?  Most people are looking for “good” to be your response so please don’t throw them off by saying anything contrary.  God forbid you cause them to slow downContinue reading “Blog Bite: Change Management”