Trick or Treat?

” But I ain’t into trickin’, just to treatin’And I ain’t into treatin’ every trick that I’m meetin’ Wreckx-n-Effect I’m such an 80’s baby and I’m also so super random!  These are the lyrics that popped in my head after reading this scripture,  “[God]…Guide me away from temptation and doing evil. Save me from sinful habitsContinue reading “Trick or Treat?”

Stay Calm…

Don’t worry, don’t fear, the ten ways to date during the COVID-19 social distancing mandates is here! Whew, that’s a mouthful! So yes, Singles, you don’t have to put finding love on hold for 3-6 months. And couples, you don’t have to put finding love [again] on hold either. You can still date, just now,Continue reading “Stay Calm…”


The lyrics of a new worship song, “Rattle” have been ringing in my ears all week. “This is the sound of dry bones rattlingThis is the praise make a dead man walk againOpen the graveI’m coming outI’m gonna liveGonna live againThis is the sound of dry bones rattling” Elevation Worship This is my new anthem…LIVE!Continue reading “Reflection”

Single and Ready to…

Wait, are you serious right now? A girlfriend of mine sent me a meme the other day… “Me: I think I’m ready to date again… The universe: Oh yeah?  *releases worldwide virus preventing all human interaction* Me: Well played” COVID-19, you’re killin me right now…at least in regards to this.   So what CAN I do?Continue reading “Single and Ready to…”

Lupita is Redefining Beauty

Recognize her??? She played the starring role in ‘Black Panther’ as well as won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in ’12 Years a Slave’.  She’s been killing the game for a while but just recently began being recognized for her work.  PEOPLE’s magazine recognized her as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman although growingContinue reading “Lupita is Redefining Beauty”

THE One and Only, Grace Jones

Do you remember this queen? She starred in the movie, ‘Boomerang’ alongside Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry.  Ms. Jones played an interesting yet comical role in the movie and killed it! I’m smiling just thinking about her shenanigans, but I digress.  So one thing I didn’t realize at the time was she wasn’t just making aContinue reading “THE One and Only, Grace Jones”

America’s First Black Model ~ Helen Williams

This month is about celebrating black excellence, starting with Ms. Helen Williams, one of America’s first black models. Hats off to this queen for paving the way for other young and upcoming aspiring black models. Born in New Jersey in 1937, tall and beautiful with gorgeous dark brown skin, Helen Williams was one of theContinue reading “America’s First Black Model ~ Helen Williams”

Why did I do that???

Well, when you get stuck, you get stupid. You date guys you normally wouldn’tYou entertain nonsense you never thought you wouldYou accept jobs that don’t align with where you’re goingYou compromise on a whole other levelYou get desperateYou get thirstyYou want change, so…You get stupid Now what? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer but IContinue reading “Why did I do that???”