Why did I do that???

Well, when you get stuck, you get stupid. You date guys you normally wouldn’tYou entertain nonsense you never thought you wouldYou accept jobs that don’t align with where you’re goingYou compromise on a whole other levelYou get desperateYou get thirstyYou want change, so…You get stupid Now what? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer but IContinue reading “Why did I do that???”

Love to Hate

You always take from me but rarely give back You subtract but never addYou divide but never multiply You run out on meAnd often not on my sideHere one moment, gone the next. You’re a four-letter word I can’t escapeYou got me going in circles You offer quantity…sometimes But quality…a hit or missProductive interactions…depends onContinue reading “Love to Hate”

Identity – Part 2

In Part 1 of Identity, I started off with the lyrics to Nina Simone’s song, Blackbird. A pretty depressing song but filled with so much insight into Nina’s identity and the allegory of her world at the time. There are so many themes represented and I’m ready to dive back in and see what moreContinue reading “Identity – Part 2”

Identity – Part 1

Why you wanna fly, Blackbird?You ain’t ever gonna flyNo place big enough for holdingAll the tears you’re gonna cryCause your mama’s name was “Lonely”And your daddy’s name was “Pain”And they call you “Little Sorrow”Cause you’ll never love againSo why you wanna fly, Blackbird?You ain’t ever gonna flyYou ain’t got no one to hold youYou ain’tContinue reading “Identity – Part 1”