Rep Your Church


If you love your church, raise your hand, stomp your feet, jump up and down or simply say Yaaaaas, girl!

We know how to rep our favorite sport’s teams, so don’t you think it’s about time we started reppin God’s team?!?!  Contrary to popular belief, the church is still relevant.  My previous Pastor use to say, if your church ceased to exist, would your community miss you?

As Christians, we often remain within the four walls of the church fellowshipping with other “believers” when we need to be effecting change in other people and in our community.  We should be hitting the streets telling everyone we know that God is not dead, he’s still alive and he lives in me!

The church should be raising up and developing bold and fearless leaders.  The church should challenge you to change.


My church has challenged me from day one and continues to challenge me week after week.  I’ve been in church all my life so I knew “church” and have experienced “church”.  It became routine and something I was supposed to do.  Very little change was taking place in my life…I was constantly being defeated in different areas.  Then along came Elevation (big shout out to my fellow Elevators).  I loved the atmosphere.  It was the first time in a long time…maybe even the first time ever that I felt so free in worship.  I felt like I could be myself, unashamed….unjudged and I sensed that with all the uplifted hands, others felt the same way.  We shared in this liberating experience.

Well…Elevation was based in Charlotte, NC and I was 1.5 hours away.  So I had two options, commute on Sundays or sell my house and move.  Since none of these were really viable options at the time, I did the next best thing…I started listening to podcasts throughout the week…thank God for technology!  Eventually I did move, not to Charlotte, but the city I moved to happen to have an Elevation location.  I began attending but didn’t get the same feeling I felt before.  I continued to go back because the Word was still there but for some reason I still didn’t feel connected.  I could have easily followed this feeling but instead I signed up to participate in an outreach event, eventually began serving and also joined a small group.  My life has not been the same since.  I thought I had moved from religion to relationship earlier in life but the relationship that Elevation pushes for is on another level.  Their sole purpose for existing is “to see people far from God be raised to life in Christ” and they are fully committed to this purpose.  Even though I knew God for quite some time – I can actually say, I have been raised to life in Christ since attending Elevation.  I had a new perspective of who He was in me.  I became excited about church, excited about people coming to Christ and excited about serving.  When the weekend rolled around I was looking forward to Sundays.  It was no longer a chore, something I was supposed to do.  But it was now, I get to do this.  The 7am set-ups weren’t so bad because I was surrounded by other volunteers with the same excitement and passion for God.  We were a part of setting the atmosphere for the people who would later come through those doors and experience God for the first time or come to know Him again.

So why do I rep my church?  That is why I rep my church!

What about you?

Be Brave, Be You, Be Blessed!



“…and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”  Matthew 16:18 NIV

Snow Day Man

Alright ladies, there are probably more times than not when I wish I had a man by my side but then there are really specific situations in which I’m like, God, if you would see fit to have a nice strapping young man pass my way at this very moment I would be ever so grateful.  Preferably the kind that likes rescuing damsels in distress.   Amen.

Then I go on to say – he doesn’t even need to stay.  I’m fine with you sending a man with commitment issues and a lack of communication skills.  I just need him for a really specific purpose….the only commitment and communication needed is to scrape this ice off my car.


If you reside somewhere on the east coast you are probably experiencing this blessed winter weather.  If you reside in the southeast, you are likely experiencing a wintry mix.  The news anchors call it snow but it is far from that.  It is straight up ice.  Break out the ice skates because you’re about to be doing triple axels right outside your door.  Kids are wanting to go outside and have snowball fights and make snow angels and you’re having to explain, this is not that type of party.  You will literally break your sister’s teeth, leg or arm if you throw that at her.

Okay, back to my dilemma…

imagesI’m trying to make it to the gym but my “Bu” (Chevy, MaliBu) is covered in a block of ice.  I begin scraping while daydreaming of a muscle bound man doing this for me.  For some reason I just feel he would do it so much better.  And again, this individual doesn’t have to stay.  As soon as the job is done we can part ways with me bringing Starbucks coffee, hot chocolate or chai tea, whatever suits your fancy.  But wait, before you leave, please back my car out of this space and up the hill.  I’ve been hearing tires spinning on this ice all morning so I’m thinking my story is gonna be the same.  I’ll ride in the car with you until we get to the top of the hill then you can jump out.  Pretty good deal, right?  No deep conversation…we can keep it all surface level.  Oh yeah, one more thing, please swing back thru in a couple of days.  I need an oil change, pretty sure I need new tires and definitely gonna need a car wash with all the slush out here.


15 minutes later….

The daydream has come to an end  and I’m still standing there with ice scraper in hand, still scraping ice…toes frozen.

More time has passed and….

I’m done! I can finally get on with my day…so I thought.  Ice is off the car but not the ground.  Saga continues.  It took several tries to back out the space and even then I still had one more obstacle to overcome…the hill.  This would take some determination to get pass spinning tires and the downward direction my car insists on going on this hill.  Gunning it, I finally made it to the top.  Whew…main road is clear and I make it to the gym….and they’re closed!!!!  Really God!  So what do I do? I pick up some junk food and head back home.  Don’t you see all the opportunities where a man would have come in handy?

So back to pleading my case with God.  It’s obvious that you haven’t decided it’s time for my Boaz but surely you can find it in your heart to bless me with a snow day man.  That would definitely suffice for now…for today.

Be Brave, Be You, Be Blessed!



“A time to weep, and a time to LAUGH; a time to mourn, and a time to dance”  Ecclesiastes 3:4